Delicious and easy

From vegetables, meat and fish to complete meals. From eggs, bread and cake to desserts. With the Sevvy technology it is possible to instantly prepare ingredients to make delicious meals in no time. Using patented technology, Sevvy is engineered to use the exact temperature to cook food with the exact amount of energy needed. So, whatever prepared with Sevvy, it will always comes out perfectly, tasty, fast and with great ease.

Sustainable and healthy

The technology uses up to 90% less electricity consumption compared to cooking on an induction hob. And it has a perfect preservation of vitamins and nutrients through careful preparation. No cooking fat is needed and up to 50% less salt and sugar is required. As a result, vitamins and nutrients - such as Omega 3 - are preserved much better than when cooking with the oven or induction hob.

Food: Perfect for Sevvy

Working together with the world’s best food companies, we will offer high quality foods perfectly portioned and delivered for use with Sevvy. By further integrating the food supply chain, we improve the eating experience and reduce inefficiencies and food and packaging waste at the same time.