Revolutionary cooking technology

We have invented a revolutionary cooking technology to cook homogeneously, at low temperature, in a shorter time and with full control. It is low in energy consumption and the cooking process is clean and without emissions. Sevvy technology retains the nutritional value and juices of the food cooked, ensuring beautiful textures and pure & natural taste. This new cooking technology opens a new world of product possibilities for cooking, baking and preparation equipment.

How it works

Sevvy’s patented technology for cooking at low temperature by integral heating - ensures that meals with fresh ingredients are ready in minutes. While retaining maximum flavour and nutrients. Sevvy's integral heating is achieved with the use of electricity. The ingredients are thus heated precisely and evenly, resulting in perfect cooking. The food heats up faster and does not get any hotter than necessary.
The technology used by Sevvy is a completely new way of cooking, compared to preparing meals with a microwave, induction hob, air fryer or oven. Vegetables, meat, fish, sauces, soup, bread, jam and also complete dishes are no problem for Sevvy technology. Food that is too raw or overcooked is a thing of the past.

Technology available to license

Our team has been working for over ten years to optimize the use of our invention in preparing food and we are now ready to bring our patented technology to the market. Sevvy technology is highly scalable and disruptive and developed in cooperation with Dutch experts. With the addition of our Sevvy inspiration platform services we aim to making the world to cook easier, healthier and more sustainable.
Sevvy technology is available to license including patents, know-how, technical solutions and recipe content.