Kansen voor West

Project Objective

The objective of the Sevvy Smart Cooking Kansen voor West project is the development, demonstration and implementation of the revolutionary idea of ​​Sevvy technology as a radically new way of food preparation in the Dutch and European market.

Homogeneously and faster versus current cooking techniques

The reason for the project is a special application of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology in the preparation of hot meals. IXL Netherlands B.V. and Sevvy B.V. will therefore continue to develop the PEF technology and apply it to processes where a specific temperature increase is necessary, namely for the preparation (for example cooking) of foodstuffs such as meat, fish, vegetables, soup, sauces, pasta, bread and pastries. What is new is that the heat is now generated in the food, homogeneously and faster versus current cooking techniques and no more than necessary for the specific food or dish.


In this application, the required field strengths can be significantly lower, making PEF technology safer and more affordable compared to the industrial application.
No gas is used and energy consumption is exceptionally low, cooking temperatures are low and the cooking process is fast, homogeneous, precise and fully electronically controllable.
By not only electrifying a daily recurring energy requirement in households, but also by immediately very strongly reducing the energy requirement per preparation moment, the project has added value for consumers from the point of view of energy saving.
In integrating this new disruptive technology in the market, digital strategies (connective device, app, services, eco-system) will be used that help Sevvy to successfully fulfill the new value proposition for users.

Less waste

With Sevvy you prepare food much faster and more precise versus traditional cooking. This makes cooking different meals and tailored portions really easy, resulting in less food waste and even further energy savings. Through the Sevvy platform and our partnerships with food companies we will work towards a more efficient food supply chain, further reducing food waste and packaging waste.